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Because grant funds and resources are limited, Granting Miracles has created another possibility: the Stork program. The Stork program directly connects donors—called “Storks”—with couples and individuals who are struggling with fertility. Storks are donors that want to make a difference in our community by connecting with individuals struggling with infertility. They feel called to help those in need. Together, Granting Miracles and Storks can assist infertile couples and help bring a miracle into the world.


Storks have the opportunity to review grant applicants, read their story and potentially direct funds to their fertility treatment. Storks have a unique opportunity to join infertile couples on their journey toward growing their family.


As part of the “Stork Program”, Storks will receive the following benefits:

  • Storks have the ability to connect to potential grant applicants by reading their stories and selecting the individual(s) or couple(s) that they would like to assist and direct funds towards their treatment. Storks will not have access to grant applicants such as social security numbers, tax returns, credit checks, etc.
  • Storks are allowed direct contact with the individual(s) or couple(s) that they choose to assist (i.e. to notify the couple(s) or individual(s) that you have selected for a grant via email or phone)
  • The couple(s) or individual(s) that a Storks selects to assist will provide regular updates (usually a minimum of every 30 days) via your preferred method of contact (phone, email or through Granting Miracles) so that you can be a part of their journey, follow their progress see the direct impact your support has made on their life and their dream to grow their family.
  • Storks have the chance to give the gift of life – and experience a journey of endless gratitude from couples praying for their miracle.

For more information on the Granting Miracles Stork Program or to become a Stork, please email layla@grantingmiracles.org.

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